Every year, millions of people get gum disease. It is easily treatable if it is detected early enough, but numerous people fail to get the treatment they need because they do not think it is a big deal. Our dentist in Bergenfield, NJ offers effective gum disease treatment, so if you are at an increased risk or experience any of the symptoms, then you need to see a professional right away.

Risk Factors

There are numerous ways your likelihood of getting gum disease can increase. Poor dental hygiene is the most obvious way. Failing to brush and floss daily allows bacteria to build up, infecting the gum tissue. The following other factors can increase your risk substantially.

·         Chewing or smoking tobacco

·         Having naturally crooked teeth

·         Being a diabetic

·         Having a dental appliance that fits poorly

·         Being pregnant

·         Taking certain medications


Some individuals also just have a natural predisposition to developing an infection. No matter what risk factors you have, routine visits to our dentist can help tremendously.


Any changes in your teeth and gums should not be ignored. Even if an issue does not seem too problematic at first, it can quickly escalate out of control and really damage some of your oral structures. Here are the main symptoms of gum disease to be aware of.

·         Loose teeth

·         Chronic halitosis

·         Persistent bad taste in the mouth

·         Swollen gums

·         Purple or red gum tissue

·         Gaps developing between teeth

·         Receding gum line

·         Tender gum tissue

·         Teeth fit together differently whenever you bite down

·         Pus forms between gums and teeth


By dealing with these symptoms early on, your case of gum disease will not progress and your oral health will be preserved.

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Gum disease is common, and Dr. Herbert Schneider and his staff are well-equipped to help you with any instance of gum disease in your mouth. Call us even if your symptoms seem minor at first.