Missing teeth are a common problem that can result in serious issues if they are left untreated. You may have experienced missing teeth from an injury or accident that knocked one or more out or you may have lost teeth due to bacteria, infection or decay. Others have missing teeth that simply never grew back. Regardless of the reason, it is important to know that dental implant restoration may be the best solution for getting these gaps taken care of.

The Alternative to Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implant restoration procedures can not only help to fill in the gaps between missing or extracted teeth, but they can help prevent other health problems from developing. If you are missing teeth and choose not to get them filled with dental implants, you may have to deal with a severe lack of functionality in your mouth, such as impeded speech and the inability to chew certain foods.

With missing teeth, you may also suffer from an increased likelihood of oral decay due to bacteria growth in the site of the missing tooth or teeth. Another concern is that you may suffer a loss of bone density which is caused by having lost teeth. Your gums may also recede and weaken over time around the location of the missing tooth. With dental implant restoration, however, your dentist can easily and effectively correct your problem and restore full functionality and health back to your mouth.

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